The Women’s Health (WH) DPG provides free webinars for its members each year. Webinars can be viewed live or via recording and are approved for continuing education credit. Members can access recordings of past webinars by logging into the website.

Non-members can register for live webinars or recorded webinars for a $24 (Academy Members) or $54 (non-Academy Member) fee for each webinar.

Other past webinar topics include:

  • Breast Cancer and Weight Considerations
  • Eating Disorders in Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Adverse Food Reactions
  • Lactation Opportunities for RDNs
  • Nutrigenomics

The process for accessing webinars has changed for better integration with EatRightPro!

DPG/MIGs are being integrated with the Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS) that supports easy access to webinar recordings, quizzes, CPE newsletter articles and CPEU certificates. The LMS connects with the Academy’s online eatrightSTORE to increase awareness and visibility of WH's continued education and opportunity for membership.

Integrating with the LMS allows WH members to have one-stop access to their CPE history. Members will find CPE certificates for any Academy CPE items including DPG/MIG items within the LMS making it easier to track history and find certificates.

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Upcoming Webinars

Show Me the Numbers! Collecting Nutrition Outcomes Data and it's Relevance to Women's Health

Date: TBD
Time: TBD

2019 Webinars

CPEU credit is available for viewing the recording (1 CPEU each). Expires 3 years from date of webinar.

Preventing Metabolic Adaptations During Weight Loss (November 22)

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At the Table with Trillions: Evaluating Dietary Recommendations from a Gut Microbiome Perspective (September 24)

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The Role of Nutrigenomics for the Registered Dietitian (May 16th)

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Menopause and Successful Body Mass Change (January 17th)

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2018 Webinars

Keeping Abreast of the Lactation Field - Another Opportunity for the RDN (April 13th)

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Eating Disorders: How Dietitians can Help without Harming (April 19th)

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Choline: Exploring the Growing Science on its Benefits for Moms and during the First 1,000 Days, VitaCholine, Balchem Corporation (June 6th)

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