• Covid-19 Academy Resources

    As the impact of COVID-19 unfolds, the Academy has launched a Coronavirus Professional Resource Hub for Practitioners on that includes professional resources addressing preparedness, patient care and food safety and access, as well as a Q&A module for members and links to up-to-date Latest News. This professional resource complements the Coronavirus Resource Center for Consumers on, featuring articles, infographics, social media messaging and videos related to staying healthy, food safety and more.

    Additionally, the Commission on Dietetic Registration will be holding off invoicing for the registration maintenance fee until mid-July. CDR is extending from May 31 to July 15 the deadline for CDR-credentialed practitioners to complete continuing professional education needed to finish their PDP requirements. CDR is communicating with practitioners affected by this extension. Learn More

    COVID-19 – What About FNCE®?!
    Since we are nearly six months out from the event, the Academy is still planning to host FNCE® live in Indianapolis, Indiana. If it becomes necessary to convert to virtual, updates will be provided on all Academy web and communication channels accordingly.